Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gods mercy

 Dear theophilus

Today it was pondering in my self  that if you have a mortal sin can you be forgiven!
Yes of course that is how merryful God is. amazing, right? if you kill you can be forgiven, it only if your willing to ask. because if you do not ask nun is given. it's like if you have a pet and it eats your bible. do you kill it.. no. if you did you would probably end up in hell. but that's not the point, the point is that you take away not, not have mercy.  

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hi sorry for the incovince I was busy with school, ect...

Dear theophilus

It 's always been pondering in my mind that the trinity is 3 peoples! But how 3 made into 1 how?
No one know but I have a theory maybe it cloud be god telling us that we need help by showing us that we cannot be independent we our self  or in others we as the world need to work as one to achieve full glory and happiness why is war the victory why not God why not Christ why conflict and war I know it' s  probably    Not true but it's a statement I like to think of it as a group work

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is heaven real?

Dear theopluis

There's a movie called "heaven  is for real" you should watch it.that brings us to a question is heaven real? Yes! Peoples think it's some sort of  terror to make you afraid no! It is a sing of hope!you go to your paster and ask him is heaven real some might say no! But it is a truly real! It is a sing of hope for our eternity it's amazing how you can't imagine it but you get glimps of it like when a child is born whit there sweet eyes looking at you. Think of it like a privilege you chose the wrong path god invites us to go whit him to follow him but we say we're busy!so busy that gods just a after shot a background in a picture no! His the centre of life!  

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hi I have started a new thing a blog so lets start off by...

Dear theophilus

 lets talk about the trinity. Its a pretty amazing thing made up of 3 peoples, the Farther, the son and

the Holy sprit. Its what you call a covenant. Its a not like a contract were in a contract you sign a piece of paper and you give property to someone and they give property to you and you never see that person again. A covenant is a bond that has been made by a devotion to the other person like a
marriage how a boy devotes he's self to a girl. and a contract is a promise, a covenant is a devotion to somebody like how a priest devotes him self to the church. So a covenant is what? A bond like a marriage it's a devoint. Thanks for reading my blog and God bless